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The Art of   Art Accommodation 

A Masterful Use of Space ...

 ArtFloor utilizes existing floor space to Artfully Define Space and Place.

Impactful Art is The Great Equalizer, in that, it raises Expectations and the Performance of The Individual and The Group to a Higher Plain.


ArtFloor Art Floor pine floor

ArtFloor encourage Sociability and Bonding

ArtFloor may appear unassuming, practically domestic. However, its intrinsic values are Inspirational and Aspirational not only for Art's Sake but, for welcomed guests and business clients.


Canadiana ArtFloor is Decorative Art, Functional Furniture* and Definitive Furnishing Option.

Critically, ArtFloor performs best for people who are desirous of handcrafted, cozy and practical Art.

ArtFloor performs as Focal Art should perform as a conversation piece "to break the ice" ... to encourage relationships within social or work environments.

Draw on ArtFloor as your Personal Ambassador! TM

* There is no escaping the fact that Artwork is frequently purchased for display in a home or work environment and for no
greater reason than to decorate and furnish in fashionable style in accordance with vintage and current interior design trends.


See: A Masterful Stroke (below)


Canadiana ArtFloor may appear unassuming but, in an Open Concept Wall-Less Society the introduction of our unique Single, Solitary, Large-Format ArtFloor (Solid Panel) represents the massive utilization of Picture-Perfect and Priceless Floor Space within Residential, Institutional, Corporate and Hospitality ( R.I.C.H.) Environments ... condominiums, townhomes, fashionable and heritage homes and cottages to personable reception, office, consultation and meeting areas.

Accommodate Canadiana ArtFloor over the top of any existing Picture-Perfect Floor Space or, inlay  FlushFrameTM  ArtFloor within a floor.

Accommodate Canadiana ArtFloor under any coffee table (a natural) or, in a professional setting, under or in front of Client Chairs.

Accommodating, Flexible and Portable ...

ArtFloor Art Floor

Illustrations: ArtFloor under a coffee table you see "Marshland Mallards", under the Client Chairs, "Rock Pool",  as a meeting: ArtFloor on legs: "Memories"

A standard ArtFloor is ~ 5' X 9' ( ~1.5m X 3.0 m). Custom Sizes, Styles and Colours are available upon request.
ArtFloor is surprisingly affordable ... lease from $ 29.95 mo.,  or perhaps, ArtFloor is surprisingly affordable ...

Lease from $ 29.95 mo.,  or perhaps, Lease-To-Own or Purchase ...

See: Introductory Offer (below)


Art that can be "Walked-on and Stomped-on"... Art that can be shared!  


Art Underfoot!

By: Daniel Drolet. The Ottawa Citizen.

"Go ahead and step on these masterpieces!
They're covered in resin and tougher than most hardwood floors
better looking, too!"
More on this web: ArtFloor Publicity ...


Art on the Floor!

By: Christopher Guly. Metroland Media Group Ltd.

"Ottawa-area craftsman Jesse Lance has trademarked a process where he takes large pieces of art, treats them with special resin and transforms them into stunning works that serve as the centerpiece of any room but on the floor, not the wall !" More on this web: ArtFloor Publicity  ...

ArtFloor Art Floor pine floor

Gently Tapered Wide Frames

Solid Wood or 'Stone' in complimentary tones

The Visual Art Dilemma

Art Aficionados are of the opinion that today's contemporary Art seems to exist without meaning, order and purpose. But, their practical concern is for The Accommodation of Art in a Wall-Less Society ... it is difficult, if not impossible, due to the 'necessity' of Clear-Span Construction and a majority preference for Open Concept Designs. The purchase of large format Focus Art is questionable when one is living in a fashionable glass condominium, or perhaps, leading a mobile lifestyle ... chances are, large-format wall-oriented Art is not an option or it may not fit the next Career or Lifestyle Voyage.

Art Aficionados are a sagacious group, stymied only by The Art Dilemma: The Accommodation Stage. They are thwarted in their attempt to accommodate large-format wall-oriented Visual Art on Traditional 'Picture-Perfect' Wall Space.

'Picture-Perfect' Wall Space is, in effect, obsolete due to Clear-Span Construction, Open Concept Design and Mobile Lifestyles. By definition, "Open Concept" means the laceration of  Wall Space. Related impediments to Art Accommodation are directly related to current architectural fashion: Walls of Windows, Walls of Cabinetry, Walls of Fireplaces, Walls of Closet Doors, Walls of Passageways and, of course, the intrusion of garish Bedroom and Bathroom Doorways plus, Media Walls, Library Walls and Walls of Patio Doors.

In a Wall-Less Society with new conditions based on the fact that there's little or no suitable place to hang large-format Visual Art. Sparse, unworkable wallspace may not accommodate traditional Wall Art or you are more interested in the intrinsic value of defining a place as distinctive. But, chances are high there will always be room for ArtFloor under a coffee table (as intended) or, in a professional setting, under Client Chairs or, in front of Client Chairs and under a coffee table or, in your office ... in front of a sofa and under a coffee table ... as illustrated on the following pages.


The Influence of Art

Art Aficionados have become a resentful lot ... increasingly limited to small-scale, low-impact Artworks that seem to clutter what little wallspace may be available. The Emotional Connection to Art has traditionally been held within the Eye and translated into a Conversational Experience ...that critical link has vanished with the systematic laceration of  Picture-Perfect Wall Space.  Their greater disappointment is that the potential of today's Artworks can not match the Emotional Connection people have traditionally associated with the Historic Performance of Definitive Art ... it's Cultural, Social Influence and Expressive Style. It is time to rethink ... Draw on ArtFloor as your Personal Ambassador! TM

ArtFloor "fits right in"!

ArtFloor is designed and constructed to define Space and Place. An inspiring alternative ... one that "fits right in" ... Artfloor is an Interior Design (A&D) Solution.  It is the quintessential interior design and architectural element a single, solid panel with tapered frame that functions, in the simplest of terms, as a 'wooden area rug' but, more correctly, as an International Platform for high-impact Visual Art.

In the tradition of Visionary Conceptual Design, ArtFloor was physically conceived "Boldly and Sensitively" to solve the problem of "Lack of Accommodation" for Art ... regardless of dwelling type or place of business.

Beyond the Physical Design challenge, ultimate conceptual design hinges on "a masterful stroke" of creation~rejuvenation beyond any and all previously conceived levels. Thus follows, Psychological Design whereby, Conceptual Design need only supersede "a masterful stroke" to create a seemingly effortless solution to a modern-day problem a truly inspirational and aspirational "Product of the Soul " one that surpasses a man-made or Manufactured Solution.

By design, ArtFloor creates a Physical and Psychological FOCUS. That is a given and the essence of this Soulful Product.

A Masterful Stroke

In Effect, Visionary Conceptual Design is dependent on making a thousand small thoughtful choices in order to develop a Man-Made Solution then something miraculous happens years of Life Experience is humbled and Everything Changes!

Artfloor has demonstrated that, it works on The Emotional Level beyond achievements in planning and development. Creative people know that functional and emotional Product Statements are seldom planned, found or achievable without External Circumstances being recognized and accepted.

ArtFloor has demonstrated an established truism ... "Art is, and should be, the most important 'person' in the room".

A Wall-Less Society

ArtFloor Art Floor pine floor

Walls of Windows
Walls of Cabinetry
Walls of Fireplaces
Walls of Closet Doors
Walls of Passageways
Media Walls
 Library Walls
Walls of Patio Doors.

Introductory Offer*

The RICH* ArtFloor Leasing Program

starts at only $ 29.95 mo.,

plus, will

exchange your artwork annually

with another of similar monetary

value or 'upgrade' for a

nominal  Delivery Service Fee.


*  Residential, Institutional,
Corporate, Hospitality.

Conditions Apply

 Subject to change, without notice.

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2013 Jesse Lance: Conceptual Designer, President, Canadiana
* Industrial Design Patents pending.   Design Processes and Methods Patents pending

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Draw on ArtFloor as your Personal Ambassador!* TM 

Contact: Jesse Lance, Conceptual Designer, President, www.ArtFloor.CA

* As a Personal Ambassador, ArtFloor's main role is to portray you and your residence, corporation, organization or institution in a hospitable and positive light.
ArtFloor performs as Focal Art should perform as a conversation piece "to break the ice" ... to encourage relationships within social or work environments.

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