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The Next  BIG Thing ...



Traditional, Contemporary, Modern Styles ... Warm, Versatile, Sophisticated.

The New Reality

Canadiana ArtFloor is on a creative mission to advance traditional Art, Design and Lifestyle. Instead of placing area rugs over the top of existing flooring, such as, wooden floors, broadloom and ceramic tile, ArtFloor places a portable wooden area floor (panel) over the top of existing flooring, or perhaps, inset (panel) within existing flooring, as may be required in Residential, Institutional, Corporate and Hospitality (R.I.C.H.™) environs.

Canadiana ArtFloor brings FOCUS and a sense of joie de vivre to interior design and space planning that has inspired a new decorative vocabulary ... one that is unrestrained, playful and full of visual metaphors. A seemingly simple and ingenious Art, Interior Design and Lifestyle solution that inherently 'Changes Everything' in the traditional worlds of Art, Art 'Collecting', Interior Design and Mobility-Oriented Lifestyle!

"Box-style Visual Art that you just love and buy may not fit into your future space or mobile lifestyle ... Walls — "Picture-Perfect Wall Space is extinct!" ... but, you will always have a living room and, you will always have a floor anywhere in the world. The acquisition of one 'Classic'  ArtFloor may even make you an "Art Aficionado"

Media Mayhem

Fictional Scenarios: 2008 — 2015

u   The New Yorker ... Art & Design Worlds go to Wrack and Ruin! Fiction: Tatyana Tolstaya: The New Yorker 2008

u   The New York Times ... The Wall-Less Society! Fiction: Sophie Gregoire and Justin Treadeau, The New York Times, 2009

u   Wired News ... Traditional Markets Deconstructed! Fiction: Momus, Wired News, 2010

u The Ottawa Citizen ... National Gallery of Canada Relents!  Fiction: Ben Mulroney, The Ottawa Citizen, 2015

u    The New Yorker "Going on About Town, The Talk of the Town" ...

Art & Design Worlds go to Wrack and Ruin!

Fictional Scenario: Tatyana Tolstaya: The New Yorker 2008

ArtFloor is new, novel and charmingly disarming ... but, it 'Changes Everything'!

When 'the seemingly ordinary' is elevated and transformed into the extraordinary ... people are intrigued.  When 'a commodity' is elevated and transformed into a revolutionary artefact ... an Interior Design Solution that defines 'private space' and 'sociable meeting place' in in open-concept areas and traditional rooms ... people are inspired!  Adversely, when people consider traditional wall-oriented art as 'destructive' to Focal Design —and costly to collect — in favour of a 'solitary', functional art 'collection', the status quo — The Art and Design Worlds — suffer Culture and Market Shock!  More on this story...

u  The New York Times : Beyond Inspirational and Aspirational ...

The Wall-Less Society!

Fictional Scenario: Sophie Gregoire and Justin Treadeau, The New York Times, 2009

... the abolition of 'walls' is newfound wealth for Wall Street as architects, designers and builders abolish 'walls' as unwarranted due primarily to the advent of ArtFloor . We've used Clear Span in the construction industry for years but, we could not definitively dispose of 'walls' because people needed 'walls' on which to hang things, like art. 'Walls' were always a hindrance for planners and designers because 'walls' —  and, in particular, 'things' hung on 'walls' — detract from the 'visual presentation' of people-oriented space. Design Guru's concede that living and business space can work on a range of levels but, they favour Focus and Lifestyle over Fractured Decor ... less 'consumerism' and sophisticated, central visual orientation. ArtFloor delivers Lifestyle Focus! Today, builders and buyers recognize and appreciate an efficient and attractive alternative to 'walls'. One that offers physical and psychological benefits beyond previous expectations.

... the eradication of 'walls' is euphoric news for the Design and Decorating Industries. The demand for ArtFloor is also a boon for the Furniture and Accessories Industries ... 'walls' have always been garish and prejudicial to design excellence in Residential, Institutional, Corporate and Hospitality (R.I.C.H.™) environs.

... the abolition of 'walls' is, no doubt, The New Reality!  ... ArtFloor simplifies, beautifies and functionalizes Great Rooms and Cocoon Rooms alike  ... a revolutionary artefact that 'penalizes' Late Adopters in a post-consumer Art and Design sphere ...

... the abolition of 'walls'  is a per functionary change, a change that offers individuals and, in particular, Art Collectors and Art Wannabees, the ability to experience and appreciate "The Arts in Canada" and focus on the joy of living and working environments as never before. Since the introduction of ArtFloor in 2008, people have demanded that Art and Design excel beyond 'the inspirational' and 'the aspirational' to become accountable — functional within modern Open Concept. People are demanding something akin to The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms applied to the business of Art & Design!  More on this story ...

u  wirednews appeals ... Profound Change:

Traditional Markets Deconstructed!

Fictional Scenario: Momus, Wired News, 2010

Art Galleries and Design Houses are saddled with billions-of-dollars worth of 'obsolete' wall-oriented stock since the roguish establishment of ArtFloor in 2008... The Art & Design Industries have no choice but to seek World Heritage Status for 'Walls'. Tradition dictates that only national governments can apply for WHS status and there is a strict assessment process before it is granted but, traditions can change. Hadrian's Wall was granted WHS status so, why not 'Walls' on an international level!?  Surely, our "Made in China" industry — thriving as it is, in Canada — is as profound as Machu Picchu and The Great Barrier Reef, Stonehenge, Mount Nimba, Durham and Canterbury Cathedrals, Cahokia Mounds, the City of Bath and Edinburgh Old and New Towns. Beyond those eminent 'locals' ... the Tower of London and Westminster are also World Heritage Sites but, where are "World Heritage Industries"?  In the United States of America, Yellowstone Park is a WHS and it is on "The Danger List"! Traditional 'Walls' qualify, no less!

... If nothing else comes out of our efforts to win back the public and salvage our traditional markets, the formal process and media attention that is brought to bear on "the deconstruction of industry" (by ArtFloor) will, in fact, demonstrate how World Heritage Status should help preserve 'Walls' as an institution of considerable height and breadth. If you, like me, feel a thrill when you see 'Walls', you likely fear their virtual disappearance before you get around to seeing them all. If so, then you know what The World Heritage Convention is all about: Our human right to our common inheritance and respect for Great Walls!

... Talking 'Walls' is fine but, action is required of our industry. I suggest, to start., we pay for advertorials to advocate our cause in influential media, such as Concierge, Epicurious,,,,,, NutritionData, YM, Allure, Architectural Digest, Brides, Cookie, Condι Nast Portfolio, Domino, Glamour, House & Garden, Jane, Lucky, Men's Vogue, Self, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. Your contribution is appreciated at: ''!

Log onto: Business Intelligence. More on this story ...

u  The Ottawa Citizen reports: Consumer Mindset ...

National Gallery of Canada Relents!

Fictional Scenario: Ben Mulroney, The Ottawa Citizen, 2015

The National Gallery of Canada is making pragmatic changes to cope within The Wall-Less Society. Director, National Gallery of Canada, Pierre Thιberge disclosed (May 1, 2015) that thirty (30) foot ceilings are inefficient and indefensible in the face of change ... in respect for the way people experience, appreciate and value (functional) art in our modern age. The NGC requires more efficient use of its space and a more practical viewing nature!  The National Gallery of Canada is very much attuned to those we serve within The New Reality. As such, we are acquiring ArtFloor ... fine works by International and Canadian Artists through The ArtFloor Gallery (Paris, London, New York). We plan to accommodate and feature ArtFloor in The National Gallery of Canada by constructing 'insertable floors' within two of our Grand Gallery wings and within the context of our existing building structure. Galleries and Museums have little choice but to embrace  The New Reality ... we recognize ArtFloor as being more than 'a fad', it is a paradigm shift in the Consumer Mindset ... the alternative is indefensible ... More on this story ...

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The Next BIG Thing
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