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Canadiana ArtFloor > Call for Visual Artists

"a-dream-come-true" for new, emerging and established Artists!

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ... extends a Call for Visual Artists based
in Southern, Central and Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Canada.  pine flooring

You enjoy "no-hassle artistic moments" by concentrating on your art and experimentation without risk ....
As an Artist-for-Hire, you are not required to sign Art Works.
You open a vast new
ArtFloor Market, earn 'seniority' with and, leave the marketplace, to us"!


ArtFloor  www.artfloor.caArtWise
by participating artist: Catherine Gutsche

Every artist continues to experiment with different media, new subjects and new painting styles. It is projects like this that give life to creative ideas, new journeys in art and make the world of painting exciting. My newest endeavour is my participation in the ArtFloor project.

Canadiana ArtFloor is the brainchild of Jesse Lance, a Canadian entrepreneur who is embellishing his wide plank portable ArtFloor concept as a visual feature in Cocoon Rooms and Great Rooms with the use of original works of art to creatively and beautifully define gathering spaces and meeting places. Each large format artwork is painted on canvas-clad solid substrate or exotic wood veneers and beautifully framed and finished with multiple-coats of 'diamond-tough' flooring resin for lasting (heirloom) value and durability in the residential, institutional, corporate and hospitality environs..

For details on my latest project and where you can see some of my work ... contact Jesse Lance.

See also: Gallery



ArtFloor provides the Large-format 'Canvas' ... there is no charge to the Artist
1) ArtFloor builds/supplies artist-ready unframed ArtFloors (max ~4' X ~8') and ArtTable (tops)
to new, emerging and established Artists,
2) We transport the required materials to you and pick up your artwork up when the work is complete (N/C),
3) We handcraft beautiful wooden frames (suitable for ArtFloor and Canadiana ArtTable)  (N/C),
4) We use 'unibody' construction to laminate the frame to the artwork  (N/C),
5) We apply multiple floodcoats of "diamond-tough" resin for heirloom-quality protection and durability,  (N/C),
6) We handle marketing, media and sales,  (N/C),
7) We package, crate, insure and ship worldwide, (NC)
8) We serve the Residential, Institutional, Corporate and Hospitality (R.I.C.H. ) markets,  (N/C),
9) We have an artistic bend for innovation and the flexibility to experiment and instigate change!  (N/C)

Framed Art that can be "Walked-on and Stomped-on"!  Art that can be shared! builds (framed) rock-solid, portable ArtFloor panels and we offer custom sizes and colours.


Canadiana will also consider converting an Artist's existing 'large-format' wall-oriented canvases into awesome ArtFloors or 'runners'!  Furthermore, we will consider building a collage of an Artist's smaller works into an ArtFloor!  (N/C)


"All worthwhile ventures revolutionize conventional thinking and displace traditional systems" thrives on risk and rewards ... an 'attitude' that extends to our clients!

As a new and promising venture, we know there will be artists who are early-adopters, others who are resisters and, of course, others who are detractors or non-adopters ... as with any group or profession, success thrives on energy, commitment and collaboration.

An entrepreneurial attitude is a prerequisite for productive collaboration and a fruitful working relationship for our art- and sales and leasing-oriented company. works with Artists whose works form part of our Consignitorial Inventory ... does not engage people who are not passionate about working in an entrepreneurial environment. Our approach requires limited and manageable risk but, it is essential for the success of our venture and it is a ''methodology' shared (and expected) by our clients.

Participating Artists limit their risk by creating only one, two or three works ... one-third of our Participating Artists, thus far, have completed three pieces, one-third have done two and one-third are working on one piece. Consignors are proving their artistic design function within the parameters of our requirements. Consignors Work(s) become part of our presentation and inventory.

Participating Artists are those anxious to explore this "Grand Canvas Format" and open to opportunities within a vast new market. By doing so, artists foresee earning greater personal and financial rewards than those offered by traditional, conventional and cloistered art 'markets'.

Enjoy "no-hassle artistic moments" by concentrating on your art and experimentation ....
How do you participate as an ArtFloor & ArtTable Artist?

Stage I: CONSIGNOR prepares and supplies selected artist with artist-ready 4' X 8' Floor Panels
or Art Table Tops to the Artist

1) You hold yourself accountable for your work and you supply acrylic paints, time and imagination,
2) You paint highly visual and distinctive works in relatively less detail suitable for 'large format',
3) You paint your style, set your timeframe and set your "Consignor/Wholesale Monetary Value" for each work.
4) You limit your 'risk' to one, two or three entrepreneurial works.
5) When your work is sold, you are paid in full.

As a Consignor and/or Artist-for-Hire, you are not required to sign Art Works.
You enjoy "no-hassle artistic moments" by concentrating on your art ....
You open a vast new "Wall-Less Market", earn 'seniority' and, leave the marketplace, to us"!


1) After an Artist has been tested and proven themselves in Stage I, they have the opportunity to move onto Stage II
2) ArtFloor and ArtTable Artists place a nominal deposit on an Artfloor Panel or ArtTable top.
3) When the work is complete to our mutual satisfaction, your deposit is
returned (in full) plus you are paid ~ 50% of the (wholesale) price.
4) When the work is sold, you are paid the balance of the wholesale price, in full.


The Brilliance of ArtFloor

The Brilliance of ArtFloor is its ability to launch new, emerging and 'established' artists of all cultures onto the World Stage without risk or hardship ... "a-dream-come-true" for emerging and established Artists!  It is a definite advantage for our Clients to simplify the lease or purchase of Art whereby, ArtFloor's value does not hinge on the reputation or accessibility of the artist nor, who owns the original work nor, on how many 'editions', 'prints' or 'spin-offs' are produced. ArtFloor, by design, does not hinge the value of Art Works based on the reputation or accessibility of the artist ... Canadiana ArtFloor and Canadiana ArtTable owns the original "work-for-hire" including Copyright. By nature of use as an Artfloor/ArtTable, no multiple 'editions', 'prints' or 'spin-offs' are ever produced. ArtFloor "fits right in", it is Grass Roots Social Art that raises an Artist "above artistic restrictions and the restraints of a limited wall-oriented Art Market", to perhaps, prominence on the World Stage.

Artfloor is a new platform for Art &Design and a new platform for fundraising ... 'charitable sponsorships' and 'cultural competitions' will increase awareness and appreciation for Art Expression. Effectively, ArtFloor is on a mission to entrust our Legacy of Conceptual Design whereby Artworks created for ArtFloor by emerging and established Canadian Artists will compete in joyous gratification in aid of charitable and social causes with Artists and Art Wannabees of diverse cultures participating.  Kindly consider ArtFloor mindful of the tradition of passionate and authentic art with the emphasis on depth of expression, heirloom quality, functionality and intrinsic value ... a Rare Find ... one-of-one (1/1) yet, surprisingly affordable and available worldwide through 'local' franchisees.

Get excited about painting 'large-format' ArtFloor and ArtTable (tops) ...
You need only supply Acrylic Material, your time and Experimental Imagination.
Contact: Jesse Lance, Conceptual Designer, President: Canadiana ArtFloor & Canadiana ArtTable

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Call for Artists
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Draw on ArtFloor as your Personal Ambassador!* TM 

Contact: Jesse Lance, Conceptual Designer, President, www.ArtFloor.CA

* As a Personal Ambassador, ArtFloor's main role is to portray you and your residence, corporation, organization or institution in a hospitable and positive light.
ArtFloor performs as Focal Art should perform as a conversation piece "to break the ice" ... to encourage relationships within social or work environments.

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